Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend Recap...

We had a bit of an off week here in our house.  Dearest Hubby worked from home on some odd days due to doctors/dentist appointments for the boys and with Monday being a holiday.
We are usually visiting family up in NY (DH and I grew up in Western NY) during the July 4th holiday, but due to two weddings coming up this year (DH's cousin and my baby brother) we didn't go home.  We had a nice day, just the four of us.  We grilled up some hot dogs and did fireworks.

Sweet Pea also had tubes put in his ears this week.  Buddy had it done just after his 1st birthday, but Sweet Pea only had a handful of ear infections until this past Christmas, so I thought we were in the clear.  But since Christmas he's had 5 (?).  So, tubes it is!  He did SO good though!!!!  The doctors and nurses told us he was their star, that he woke up smiling.  Once they brought him back to us he cried for maybe a minute or two, and then was good after that.  The best part was how loopy got after they gave him the happy juice.

He couldn't walk for several hours without falling over.  He did great once we got home though.  I never had to give him pain meds or anything.

Buddy was supposed to have a dentist appointment this week, but that didn't go over well at all.  We called a pediatric dentist.  He goes there in a couple of weeks.  Does anyone have any tips for helping your kids with the dentist?  He gets SO upset and won't let them do anything.  Poor kid!

I worked on my socks a bit, although I'm not done with Sock #2.

I thought for sure I would be by now, especially with being on vacation.  But it seems I have more time to knit during the school year than I do during summer vacation.

This weekend we have two birthday parties to attend.  Until then we're chilling out, and Sweet Pea is decorating the Georgetown Cupcakes bag.

Have a great weekend!!!  Oh, and I created a fanpage on Facebook.  Check it out please!!!!


  1. That sock is looking absolutely lovely and the pic of your baby in the bag is so adorable. I'm glad that he behaved like a champ, procedures can be so hard on the little ones.

    I'm not sure how to get children to release a fear of a dentist. I'll think about it but maybe their is a book or a tv show that touched on it. Best of luck. Will check in again.

  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    Well, we're going to a pediatric dentist, and I'm sure she's had plenty of scared little ones come in, so hopefully it'll be a better a better experience for him. I just wish I knew where this fear came from. Neither DH or I have a problem going to the dentist.