Friday, July 8, 2011

While the Kids Are Away, Mommy Will...

Not too sure...LOL.  I took the kids to daycare for the first time this summer.  As a teacher, it's pointless to pay for a full time fee all summer long, and luckily my daycare has a 1 day drop-off fee.  It's great for when I have appointments, or need to do some running around, and also to keep them in the groove of going.  That way when that fateful day in August (where I return to work) comes, they won't be too surprised.
They were excited about it's ice cream day today!  During the summer they have a different activity everyday.  Of course...once I dropped them off and walked out of the room, their tune changed.  I heard tears and cries for sad!
I just kept telling myself that they needed a day out of the house and away from each other.

So, I have the house to myself and the only thing that I HAVE to do today is shop for birthday presents.  We have two different parties that we're going to this weekend.  My cousin hinted that she needed help assembling her wedding programs, so I suppose I could run up there, or I could work on my knitting (I'm trying to finish a pair of socks so that I can work on the other 3 projects I have going), or I could try and finish the book I've been reading (Game of Thrones - book 1 from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin; anyone catch the show on HBO?)...Decisions, decisions.  I'll take suggestions!!  :)

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