Friday, July 1, 2011

Congratulations Daddy!

We got some good news in our house yesterday...Dearest Hubby found out he got a new job!  He's been looking for something a bit closer to home...he currently commutes about 90 minutes each way.  On the way home he picked up some fireworks to celebrate.  The kids already had PJ's on, so we threw on shoes, and in  Sweet Pea's case, a shirt, and went outside.  (PSA...I never have claimed, and never will claim to take very good pictures, so most of the time they're going to be pretty crappy.  I still love taking pics of the kids though).

Then Sweet Pea decided that they were scary

It's ok though, all is well when Mommy is holding we all sat on the steps together

This was Dearest Hubby's favorite picture...not sure why, but what the heck.

Don't worry...we're going out today to get more for the holiday!  We're planning on having a cook out with some family that lives close-by.  What are your plans?

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  1. Jen, these pictures are great! They convey the message: fun, family and fireworks!! :)